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  • diy fence
    How to Build a Fence

    Craving a calmer backyard? Adding a fence is the key to removing annoyances like neighbourhood pests and nosy neighbours. Create a secure space for pets and kids with wood, metal, or vinyl fencing that’s easy enough to DIY with a little help from KENT! Visit your local KENT Project Centre to properly plan the perfect fence for your yard and enjoy a little extra backyard comfort this summer.

  • Summer of DIY: Exterior Lighting
    Summer of DIY: Exterior Lighting

    Afraid of the dark? Not anymore! Stretch the use of your outdoor space to dusk and beyond with the proper exterior lighting! DIY lighting options like sconces or security lights are easy to install, functional, and beautiful. Visit our Project Centre to get started and shed a little light on your favourite space.

  • Kitchen Finishes Buying Guide
    Kitchen Finishes Buying Guide

    The most high use areas of your home deserve special attention when it comes to design and function. The finishing touches in your kitchen are equally as important as floors, cabinets, and counters. Find KENT devices that make everyday more functional and more beautiful!

  • Four Holiday Plants to Brighten the Festive Season
    Four Holiday Plants to Brighten the Festive Season

    While twinkling lights and glittery tinsel add sparkle to holiday decor, you can also brighten up the festive season with plants like poinsettias, Norfolk Island pine, amaryllis, and Christmas cacti. Placing these plants on mantelpieces, stairs, tabletops, indoor entrances, kitchen counters, and any unadorned space is an easy way to add natural beauty to the holidays.

  • How to Create a Winter Planter
    How to Create a Winter Planter

    It’s fun and easy to create winter-inspired planters for your front porch and other outdoor spaces.

  • How to Care for Holiday Plants
    How to Care for Holiday Plants

    Holiday plants like poinsettias, cyclamen, and Norfolk Island pine make welcome gifts but can also be used to ‘deck the halls’ in your own home. Use pots of festive plants to adorn entranceways, tabletops, mantles, and counters, or consider tucking small pots of plants like poinsettias into the branches of your Christmas tree.

    Our guide below will help keep your favourite holiday plants in top shape through Christmas and beyond, as many also make excellent and long-lived houseplants.

  • DIY on a Budget: Kitchen Refresh
    DIY on a Budget: Kitchen Refresh

    There are few things better than fall comfort food, but if your cooking space is looking a little less than Pinterest-worthy, it’ll need a makeover first! There are so many kitchen features that can be easily upgraded to make your kitchen a functional and beautiful space. Whether you’re installing new features, painting, or replacing, our Project Centre can help you find all the tips and tools you need to DIY your kitchen!

  • DIY on a Budget: 3 Ways to Create a Feature Wall
    DIY on a Budget: 3 Ways to Create a Feature Wall

    We’re ready to make a statement this fall! Ditch your bland walls in favour of more colour and patterns to give any room a style boost. Create more interest and definition in your space with our 3 DIY super heroes: paint, wallpaper, and paneling!

  • Amaryllis Planting - Step by Step
    Amaryllis Planting - Step by Step

    Amaryllis bulbs are easy to grow and add welcome colour and greenery to holiday decor as well as brighten up the long winter months. The sizeable bulbs produce one to two foot tall stems that are topped with large clusters of flowers. Common bloom colours include red, white, pink, salmon, burgundy and lime green, as well as many colour combinations. Many bulbs produce two or three flower stalks over several months

  • Five Autumn Garden Tasks
    Five Autumn Garden Tasks

    Pumpkin spice season may have arrived, but don’t hang up your garden gloves just yet. Autumn is a great time to be in the garden and many tasks will also give you a head start on spring.

  • Paint Buying Guide
    Paint Buying Guide

    There are hundreds of hues to choose from when it comes to painting, but your paint choice includes so much more than the colour! The type of paint best suited for your project should first depend on its formula and durability, then its finish best suited to different spaces, and third, any special requirements for craft paints, spray paint, or furniture paint. For smaller creative projects & DIYs, there is a rainbow of options and finishes like chalk or metallic you won’t find in wall paint choices. No matter where or what you’re painting, our Paint Buying Guide and KENT experts can help you find the right paint for the job!

  • DIY on a Budget: Bathroom Update
    DIY on a Budget: Bathroom Update

    Bathroom upgrades are some of the most valuable projects you can DIY in your home. Not only does it add value to your home, it can also give you the day to day utility you’ve been lacking! Stop dealing with unbearable paint colours and less than functional vanities. Whether you’re looking for a quick update or a huge improvement, our Project Centre can help you tackle DIYs of all sizes!

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