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  • Revamp Your Treehouse or Playset
    Revamp Your Treehouse or Playset
  • Green tractor with large wheels mowing grass on a sunny day
    How to Choose the Perfect Lawn Tractor for Your Yard

    Why push when you can drive? Lawn tractors are more efficient than walk-behind models and can cut much wider swaths. Lawn tractors are best suited for large, flat yards with no steep slopes. Many factors must be taken into account when buying a lawn tractor, despite the fact that it may appear simple to some. The type of terrain you'll be mowing, the size of the area you need to cover, and more must all be taken into account. Check out this guide on how to choose the best lawn tractor for your yard to make sure you get the right model.

  • Wooden deck attached to a blue home with white fencing around. Steel barbecue on the right with grilling utensils hanging from the grill knobs. A 4-chair patio set is in the back with a glass table with umbrella. A brown straw pot on the left with flowers
    Refresh Your Deck with These Stain Trends

    Put the perfect finishing touch on your project with the latest stain formulas and hues. Shop your local KENT’s selection of transparent, semi-transparent, and opaque colour stains from Olympic, Sico, and Proluxe. Opt for new warm tones that enhance your wood grain to match the latest stain trends!

  • How to Measure Your Kitchen
    How to Measure Your Kitchen

    The first step in any kitchen upgrade is properly measuring your space. Whether you’re installing open shelving, new floors, or countertops, the perfect fit relies on the right measurements to determine the size and quantity of your new install materials. Our handy Kitchen Planning Booklet is here to help you get the perfect fit with KENT Installation Services!

  • Installing Floor Trim
    Installing Floor Trim

    Put the finishing touch on your beautiful new floors when you DIY your floor trim! Most floors require some sort of trim or baseboard to conceal gaps between your flooring and walls. Choose from modern and classic options from KENT for trim as elaborate or simple as your personal style. Find your trim, tools, and expert DIY advice at your local KENT!

  • How to Install a Kitchen Sink
    How to Install a Kitchen Sink

    A new kitchen sink is an investment you will use every single day. Make the most high traffic areas and appliances in your home ones you love to see on a daily basis! Your kitchen sink is one of these hardworking features that needs to be functional and beautiful. It’s time to say goodbye to your too small or too old sink and install a new one! KENT can help you install at, or contact your local KENT Project Centre and they can help you find all the tools you need to install your new kitchen sink.

  • Kitchen Space Planning
    Kitchen Space Planning

    When you’re designing your new kitchen, take the opportunity to plan your layout based on modern best practices and functions just for you! A good kitchen includes a proper appliance layout, ample storage, and homes for all your spices and favourite gadgets. Bring your priorities to your local KENT kitchen expert and ace your kitchen space planning.

  • Installing A Bathroom Vanity
    Installing A Bathroom Vanity

    When designing a bathroom with limited space, every item counts! Make the most of your space by replacing your vanity with a modern style that compliments your appliances, walls, and flooring. Choosing a new vanity is a great way to anchor your bathroom design and compliment other design features... start browsing for your new vanity at

  • How To Install Laminate Flooring
    How To Install Laminate Flooring

    Installing your own flooring is a great way to minimize renovation costs and give you major bragging rights. For most spaces, laminate flooring can be DIY’ed in an afternoon with a little help from your local KENT Project Centre. Choose from a wide range of laminate flooring, grab your gear, and start loving your floors again!

  • Atlantic Canada Planting Timelines
    Atlantic Canada Planting Timelines

    Although KENT Garden Centres operate throughout the spring and summer, our experts can provide gardening advice year round. Learn more about planting timelines for a lush garden that will get two green thumbs up!

  • 2022 Design Trends
    2022 Design Trends

    Your home doesn’t stay the same over the years. Furniture, fixtures and art come and go as styles and trends change. 2022 trends include some classics, twists on old favourites, and a new dive into a style focused on comfort and function. Trends can help make the most out of your space and improve your DIY skills. Get inspired and visit your local KENT Project Centre to start transforming your designs for 2022.

  • How to Paint a Unique Accent Wall
    How to Paint a Unique Accent Wall

    Accent walls are a great way to add a unique style to any room. We used different paint colours to create various shapes and patterns to achieve an abstract look. Let this give you inspiration to get out your paint brushes this weekend and create a unique accent wall in your home.

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