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Value Pick: Hardware & Backsplash

An upgrade anyone can handle? New knobs and drawer pulls! Grab your screwdriver and refresh your cabinet and drawers in less than an hour. Go for gold or silver pulls to match your current colour palette or create contrast. Whichever tone you choose, it perfectly pairs with our Peel and Stick Backsplash Wallpaper! Peel and stick tiles are easily installed with a bit of measuring and a utility knife. Cover up to 13.5 square feet with one roll without damaging walls! Brighten up your blank backsplash with patterns for any style.

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Midrange Budget: Blanco Faucet & Double Bowl Sink

Never has dishwashing been more thrilling: Say goodbye to your outdated sink and leaky faucet for an upgrade that's worth the splash! Discover the sleek and contemporary Blanco Urbena Kitchen Faucet boasting a slim body and distinctive handle design. Its concealed spray head is activated by a nearly invisible control button and a high-arc spout that simplifies filling pots and vases.

  • Before installing, shut off the water supply and ensure your plumbing is appropriate for a single handle faucet.
  • Disconnect supply lines (be prepared to catch extra water in a bowl or bucket).
  • Use a wrench to loosen any attached nuts gently.
  • If you’re also replacing your sink, now would be the time to score & remove any old caulking and remove any attachments under your countertop.
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Enhance your kitchen setup by combining a new faucet with a double bowl sink for a superior dishwashing experience! A Blanco double sink paired with a faucet brings a sophisticated touch to any bright, naturally coloured kitchen. Let our Project Centre guide you through each process and remember to adhere to the manufacturer's instructions for proper installation.

  • Gently pry up edges being cautious to avoid damaging countertops.
  • Measure and adjust as needed for your new sink.
  • Place your new sink, reconnect all plumbing, and waterproof any edges with a bead of caulk.
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Premium Pick: Countertops & Cabinet Paint

Transform your kitchen with a fresh appearance by swapping out outdated countertops and finally getting the cabinet colour you've always wanted! Our Project Centre is ready to assist you in custom ordering countertops and providing all the guidance necessary for a DIY installation. Elevate your space by painting your cupboards or island with Beyond Paint Furniture & Cabinet Paint – no stripping, sanding, or priming needed! Easily create the bright or dramatic look you desire by taking down cabinets and painting with your preferred brush or roller using the all-in-one Beyond Paint.

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No matter what your DIY skill level is, you can refresh your kitchen with a little help from our Project Centre. Bring some beauty indoors this season with KENT kitchen DIYs!