Kitchen Space Planning

When you’re designing your new kitchen, take the opportunity to plan your layout based on modern best practices and functions just for you! A good kitchen includes a proper appliance layout, ample storage, and homes for all your spices and favourite gadgets. Bring your priorities to your local KENT kitchen expert and ace your kitchen space planning.

Drop Zone

A good kitchen needs counter space close to entrances for dropping groceries, homework, and mail. This area should be next to your pantry, or under cupboards for dry goods. By including counter space on either side of your stove or incorporating a kitchen island, you’ll have enough prep space for cooking and a landing zone for everything coming in and out of your kitchen.

bathroom sketchbathroom sketch


For most kitchens, a good rule of thumb for appliance layout is to create a triangle between your sink, stove, and fridge. Placing your dishwasher beside your sink makes cleanup more convenient, just ensure your open dishwasher doesn’t block other appliances. If your space doesn’t accommodate this structure, have your KENT expert advise on the best layout to allow for easy flow around your space. A key consideration will be avoiding bottlenecks blocking appliances so that your household chefs don’t need to wait to use the sink while you cook up a storm at the stove.


Keep your favourite pots and pans within arm’s reach of your main food prep space. Utensil drawers, pot hangers, dry goods, and dishes will take up the bulk of your lower cabinet space. Give everyday items prime real estate next to your sink or stove while storing large dishes and appliances on high shelves, tucked in a Lazy Susan, or in your pantry. Take inventory of occasional use items to plan where your air fryer or griddle will live. Once your dishes and food storage is accounted for, allocate remaining cupboards and drawers to tea towels, foil & wrap,  and any small kitchen knick knacks.If your sink is not included with your vanity, the next step is to place and secure your sink to your cabinets. Most modern vanities will include your sink and faucet as part of your countertop, which may be placed on top of your cabinets with a dollop of adhesive on your corners. Some counters may have screws to secure the underside to your cabinets as well.

two white vanitiestwo white vanities
white double vanity with bathtubwhite double vanity with bathtub

Appliance Garage

Do you start every day at your coffee station? In a committed relationship with your toaster oven? Small countertop appliances should have a home that is easily accessible. The layout of your electrical outlets will largely determine the best place for your favourite appliances. Incorporating ample outlets into an appliance garage is the perfect way to hide countertop items in plain sight! As additions to existing kitchens, creating pull out shelves or simply adding a small kitchen cart can help maximize the space you have and keep appliances accessible and stored neatly.You’re in the homestretch… the last steps of your install are to reconnect your plumbing and re-install any accessories. Coordinated mirrors and sconces that match your vanity are perfect for giving your bathroom a cohesive design. Polish off your DIY with hardware and finish any joints with caulk.

With the right layout and storage, cooking in your kitchen can be a totally different experience. Install the pantry you’ve been dreaming of and ensure all of your favourite gear has a home. Visit your local KENT Project Centre today and plan your kitchen space to perfection.

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