How to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

The first step in any kitchen upgrade is properly measuring your space. Whether you’re installing open shelving, new floors, or countertops, the perfect fit relies on the right measurements to determine the size and quantity of your new install materials. Our handy Kitchen Planning Booklet is here to help you get the perfect fit with KENT Installation Services!

Should You Paint Your Cabinets? 

Before buying you first can of paint you should examine your cabinets carefully. Peeling or delaminated veneers broken shelves, sagging particle board, broken rails and hinges will all be better off being replaced. 

But if everything is looking good, then these easy steps will help you give a facelift to your old cabinets. 

Choose the Right Paint 

The biggest hassle when it comes to painting cabinets is all the prep work stripping the finish off, sanding and priming the cabinet boxes, door, shelves, and drawers is a lot of labour. Choosing a paint like Beyond Paint can save you time and money.  

Step 1    Prepping the room 

  • Emptying cabinets
  • Clear off the counters
  • Move furniture out of the room
  • Cover the floor and appliances
  • Mask off the countertops and walls around the cabinets
  • Set up a work spaceworkspace for painting doors, drawers, and shelves 

 Step 2   Remove the doors, drawers, and shelves 

 Step 3   Clean all Surfaces

 Step 4   Paint Everything

  • Use a brush to cut in along the edges, push the paint into the corners, and leave out roller strokes. Use the roller to apply paint to the large flat surfaces when possible.
  • For the interior, apply the paint with a smooth-surface mini roller.
  • Remember to cover the brush and roller with plastic bags to prevent them from hardening while you wait for the first coat to dry.
  • Apply a second coat to the cabinet. Make sure you have a consistent finish without any thin or light areas showing through.
  • When painting paneled doors, start with the area around the panel. Then, do the main field of the panel, and finish with the stiles and rails around the edges.
  • As you go along, wipe up any paint that ends up on adjacent dry surfaces to eliminate the chance of lap marks.

 Step 5   Reassemble Everything


And now enjoy a fresh new look for your kitchen! Remember our in-store KENT professionals are happy to help you find the perfect paint and supplies for your next kitchen remodel. 

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