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  • Summer of DIY: Patio Furniture Refresh
    Summer of DIY: Patio Furniture Refresh

    Refreshing your patio furniture can give your outdoor space a new look and make it more inviting for you and your guests. It doesn't have to be a difficult or time-consuming process. Here are some steps you can take to refresh your patio furniture.

  • How to Install a Kitchen Sink
    How to Install a Kitchen Sink

    A new kitchen sink is an investment you will use every single day. Make the most high traffic areas and appliances in your home ones you love to see on a daily basis! Your kitchen sink is one of these hardworking features that needs to be functional and beautiful. It’s time to say goodbye to your too small or too old sink and install a new one! KENT can help you install at, or contact your local KENT Project Centre and they can help you find all the tools you need to install your new kitchen sink.

  • Window and Door Screen Types Guide
    Window and Door Screen Types Guide

    There's a million reasons to install a screen. Screened doors and windows allow us to get more light and fresh air. They also prevent creepy crawlers from entering our homes. Most importantly, screen doors add another layer of security for your children and pets. Read on to learn what types of screens are available at KENT!

  • Beyond Paint Kitchen Cabinet DIY
    Beyond Paint Kitchen Cabinet DIY

    Beyond Paint can do wonders for your Kitchen. Take your outdated cabinets and elevate them with a fresh coat. It is easy to apply and will enhance your cooking and dining experience. Follow these steps to see how you can paint your cabinets.

  • How to Measure Your Kitchen
    How to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

    The first step in any kitchen upgrade is properly measuring your space. Whether you’re installing open shelving, new floors, or countertops, the perfect fit relies on the right measurements to determine the size and quantity of your new install materials. Our handy Kitchen Planning Booklet is here to help you get the perfect fit with KENT Installation Services!

  • Spring Gardening Essentials
    Spring Gardening Essentials

    Sun is shining, birds are chirping, and the spring thaw has begun! Get excited about garden season with new tools, fertilizer, and all the garden gear you need this season. Bring your green thumb to KENT for the best guidance on proper spring planting prep!

  • Installing Wallpaper
    Installing Wallpaper

    Does the mere mention of wallpaper remind you of your grandma’s house? Modern designs and install options are anything but stuffy. Join the wallpaper revolution to add colour, texture, and patterns to your space. Put the paint brush down and find your new favourite wallpaper at KENT.

  • Kitchen Trends
    Kitchen Trends

    2022 Kitchen trends are bringing us back to balanced designs including contrast, colour, texture, and updates to classic finishes! Gone are the greyscale colour palettes in favour of warmth, wood, and patterned tile. No matter where your tastes lie, you can find modern kitchen upgrades to suit your style!

  • Installing a Shower head
    Installing a Shower Head

    Turn your trickle into a waterfall by installing a new shower head this weekend! Swapping your shower hardware will not only improve the function of your shower but improve your bathroom’s appearance as well. Shop online or visit your local KENT to upgrade your shower experience!

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