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  1. How to Animate Your Artificial Christmas Tree
    How to Animate Your Artificial Christmas Tree

    One of the best parts of the holiday season is decorating your home with festive trimmings. And one of the most important decorative elements is the Christmas tree. We're confident that with KENT's wide selection of festive Christmas tree decorations, your tree will look full and beautiful for the holiday season. So make some memories this season with a little touch of KENT, and check out these great ideas for making your Christmas tree the talk of the town this holiday season!

  2. How to Install a Barn Door
    How to Install a Barn Door

    Barn doors were traditionally used in barns or in spaces that needed to look rustic. However, there is no limit to the number of ways you can use a barn door in your home today. A small-scale barn door can transform almost any room with the right design and placement.

  3. DIY Terracotta Pumpkins
    DIY Terracotta Pumpkins

    Halloween is quickly approaching, so it's time to carve jack-o'-lanterns and decorate your home with fall decor and pumpkins. Thankfully, it doesn't take much effort: all you need are some pumpkins and a little imagination. We're sure you've seen many variations on these viral DIY terracotta pumpkins if you're a regular on Instagram or Tiktok. These pumpkins are the perfect little touch of Halloween holiday decor that we are sure will fit no matter your personal style.

  4. How to Install a Prehung Door
    How to Remodel your Fireplace

    The fireplace serves as the focal point of many homes. However, it can also be one of the most neglected areas in a home. An outdated or old fireplace can make an entire room feel dated and uninviting. Fortunately, a fresh coat of paint can bring new life to your fireplace and make it stand out again. This blog post will walk you through completing your DIY fireplace makeover with these simple steps to achieve the best results.

    Let's get started!

  5. Flood Preparedness
    Flood Preparedness

    Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to flooding! Prepare your home and property for spring flooding to prevent severe damage. Visit your local KENT before winter thaws to prevent, manage, and recover from flooding.

  6. Installing Floor Trim
    Installing Floor Trim

    Put the finishing touch on your beautiful new floors when you DIY your floor trim! Most floors require some sort of trim or baseboard to conceal gaps between your flooring and walls. Choose from modern and classic options from KENT for trim as elaborate or simple as your personal style. Find your trim, tools, and expert DIY advice at your local KENT!

  7. Installing Tile Flooring
    Installing Tile Flooring

    When it comes to sturdy, damage resistant flooring, you can’t go wrong with tile. The long running favourite for kitchens and bathrooms, tile is one of the most moisture resistant and low maintenance flooring options. Installing tile flooring will take some intermediate DIY skills, and some tips from your local KENT Project Centre. Check out our overview before installing your new tile floors. If the idea of mortar is a little intimidating, opt for easy-to-install stick on tiles instead. For beginner DIYers and renters alike, stick on tiles can be an easy route to more beautiful floors.

  8. How To Install Laminate Flooring
    How To Install Laminate Flooring

    Installing your own flooring is a great way to minimize renovation costs and give you major bragging rights. For most spaces, laminate flooring can be DIY’ed in an afternoon with a little help from your local KENT Project Centre. Choose from a wide range of laminate flooring, grab your gear, and start loving your floors again!

  9. Laundry Room Makeover
    Laundry Room Makeover

    You don’t need to be an expert to give your laundry room a style refresh. Make chores one of the most beautiful parts of your day by following our guide to give your laundry room a complete makeover.

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