Christmas Tree Buying Guide

The modern Christmas tree has been a part of winter holiday celebrations for centuries as symbols of life and the pending spring season. They’re a feature Christmas decoration and are central to many classic Christmas traditions. Setting up your tree, decorating it, and placing gifts for your loved ones underneath always helps boost holiday spirit! Find trees big or small, green or colourful and all the accessories you’ll need at your local KENT.


Looking for a lil’ tree? Smaller 3’-6’ trees are perfect for apartments or narrow corners. Shop affordable, pre-lit trees that will last for many holidays to come.

3' Pre-Lit Northern Pine Tree

3' Pre-Lit Northern Pine Tree3' Pre-Lit Northern Pine Tree

6' Pre-Lit White Pine Pencil Tree

6' Pre-Lit White Pine Pencil Tree6' Pre-Lit White Pine Pencil Tree

6' Pre-Lit Black Christmas Tree

6' Pre-Lit Black Christmas Tree6' Pre-Lit Black Christmas Tree


For a little extra magic, 7’ trees are available pre-lit or unlit. Designs include pine or fir styles in various colours or even faux-snow dusted.

7' Pre-Lit White Pine Tree

7' Pre-Lit White Pine Tree7' Pre-Lit White Pine Tree

7.5' Pre-Lit Snowvalley Tree

7' Pre-Lit Flocked Tree7' Pre-Lit Flocked Tree

7.5' Unlit Whistler Fir Tree

7.5' Unlit Whistler Fir Tree7.5' Unlit Whistler Fir Tree


If you REALLY want to impress Santa, go big with trees over 7’ tall with various lighting options. Some faux trees are almost indistinguishable from the real thing, with the added bonus of longevity and easy set up.

7.5' Merric Fir Tree With Power Pole 800 Dual Function Led L

7.5' Pre-Lit Glacier Fir Tree7.5' Pre-Lit Glacier Fir Tree

7.5' Rainbow Feels Real Tree With 400 Colour Change LED

7' Winnipeg LED w/ App & Remote7' Winnipeg LED w/ App & Remote

7.5' Pre-Lit Avalon Fir Tree

7.5' Pre-Lit Avalon Fir Tree7.5' Pre-Lit Avalon Fir Tree

The Great Debate: Artificial vs. Real

While some folks swear that Christmas is not complete without a real Christmas tree, artificial trees have a few key benefits: zero maintenance, cost efficiency, and a better match for anyone with allergies. Artificial trees won’t give off the same classic Fir scent in your home, but candles and scented tree ornaments will do the trick. Real trees may require some trimming to fit your space, as well as a tree stand that will hold water. Fresh cut trees are available at some Halifax & Dartmouth KENT locations, and artificial trees are widely available in store and online.

Real Christmas treeReal Christmas tree

No matter which tree you choose, you can create some holiday magic with fun decorations. Check your local KENT for real or artificial trees to bring home and start your holiday season off with old & new traditions. Make a list, check it twice, and find all the holiday gear you’re looking for at KENT.

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