Baseboard Heater Buying Guide

When it comes to home comfort, proper heating is essential and you can keep any room cozy with the right baseboard heater! These new models are sleek, stylish, and efficient! Electric heaters are an efficient and affordable way to easily maintain and supplement heating in any space. Find yours at KENT and enjoy a cozy home at the touch of a button. 

What are they?

Baseboard heaters are slim, short heaters often installed over baseboards and connected to your home’s existing electrical system. The model you choose first depends on the size of your space: a good rule of thumb is to choose a model that provides 10 watts of power for every square foot of space you need to heat, poorly insulated spaces may need more wattage.  

Baseboard Heater in Spare RoomBaseboard Heater in Spare Room


Most units use convection or hydronic heat through metal fins or liquid, respectively, to heat your room. Hydronic heaters continue to throw warmth from the heated liquid even after being shut off, making them slightly more efficient than convection heaters.  
Baseboard heaters can be connected to existing home’s electrical wiring with help from a professional. Do not DIY electrical projects without help from an expert! Installation may require a new circuit, though most can be incorporated to existing systems. Adding a baseboard heater is an easy way to supplement old gas heated homes to ensure safe heating in the event of any heating failure.  

Baseboard Heater in Living RoomBaseboard Heater in Living Room

New Technology

These heaters require minimal maintenance, just some light cleaning. Curtains and furniture should be at least 12” away from any heater. Avoid using extension cords, blocking your heater with doors, and verifying auto-shut off functions to get the most (safe!) heat from your model. Newer models are often smart home compatible and can be controlled from your smartphone! New and improved technology increases efficiency with the ability to better manage running time and give more control for child-friendly homes.

Visit your local KENT location to have our pros help you find the perfect baseboard heater for your space and stay cozy through any weather!

If you're still looking for the perfect heating solution for your home, check out our Heating Buying Guide and our Mini-Split Buying Guide for more home heating inspiration.

Baseboard Heater in BedroomBaseboard Heater in Bedroom
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