Potted & In-Ground Plants

Your garden’s watering needs will vary depending on where they are planted: in-ground plants’ roots can reach for water throughout the soil, but potted plants only have access to what is present in their planter. Potted plants will also lose more moisture if placed high off the ground where wind will increase the amount of water evaporating from the soil.

The best time of day to water is early in the morning (before 10am) or in the evening after 8pm. A morning water takes advantage of morning dew and allows foliage to dry properly throughout the day. An evening water combats evaporation, but wetting foliage should be avoided without the help of some sunshine to dry it overnight.

Rain Water’s Role

Rain water is your best friend at the beginning of the growth period! When plants are immature with little leaves, rain water can easily reach the roots of your plants. As your garden grows and sprouts larger leaves, you’ll need a good watering can, hose, or sprayer system on hand to keep your plants hydrated.

Which Watering System?

Your watering method will depend on the size of your garden and your watering schedule:

●       Watering cans are suitable for small gardens or planters that you can tend to daily.

●       Hoses will be needed for larger in-ground plants or garden boxes.

●       A watering system on a timer is ideal for folks who may travel during the summer. Note that your watering system may need additional watering from a can or hose as your plants require!

Consult our KENT Garden Centre experts for the best recommendations on watering systems for all types of gardens and landscapes!