Bathroom Update on a Budget

If you have friends and family coming to your home, it’s important that you get one of the most important rooms in the house guest-ready – The bathroom. Using a few easy tips and tricks, you can give your bathroom a total refresh and your guests will think they’ve checked into a luxury suite. 

Painting Your Vanity

One of the best ways to refresh your bathroom is giving your vanity a fresh coat of paint. This is a great way to update your vanity without breaking the bank. Beyond Paint is an excellent choice if you are repainting any furniture, because it’s specifically formulated to have a durable and long-lasting finish. It is also washable, so you don’t have to worry about your newly painted vanity getting damaged in your bathroom.

Beyond Paint is the perfect solution if you are looking for a quick DIY to refresh your furniture, because there is almost no prep work required! This paint requires no sanding, stripping, or priming, so all you need to get started is a paint brush and a can of paint. Beyond paint also comes in a large variety of colour options that you and your guests are sure to love!  

beyond paint vanitybeyond paint vanity

Updating the Hardware on Your Vanity

Adding new hardware to your bathroom vanity is a great, cost-effective way to give your entire bathroom a new style! A new drawer pull or cupboard handle will put the finishing touches on your newly painted vanity, and you will have a vanity that is completely unique to your home. This will be sure to leave your guests enlisting your help for their bathroom design!

Vanity hardware can be purchased individually, so you can pick and choose the exact pieces you want. If you are replacing a drawer pull, it is important to measure the space between the two holes. This way, you can purchase new drawer pulls that are sure to fit your vanity. KENT has a large selection of vanity hardware to choose from, no matter what bathroom style you are looking to achieve! 

black vanity hardwareblack vanity hardware

Peel & Stick Floor Tiles

If your current bathroom tiles are outdated or if you’re just looking for a change, FloorPops are the perfect solution. These peel and stick floor tiles are incredibly easy to install, all you need is a utility knife to cut them to size, then you can stick them to your existing bathroom tiles.

These tiles are also much more cost-effective compared to traditional floor tiles, as one pack of ten 12”x12” tiles are only $25! They come in a variety of funky designs and colours, so there is an option for any style you have in mind. With these peel and stick tiles, you will trick your guests into thinking they are standing on genuine tile flooring.  

floor pops peel and stick floor tilesfloor pops peel and stick floor tiles

Indoor Plants and Planters

Decorating the bathroom with potted plants is the latest trend in bathroom design, and we are loving it! Plants are a great way to freshen up any room. Adding some greenery to your bathroom not only helps purify the air, they also provide some amazing style. A sleek, modern planter will fit seamlessly on a countertop or shelf, and it will complement your existing bathroom décor. 

Many of our larger KENT stores have year-round greenhouses with a variety of indoor plants and planters. There are always knowledgeable staff on site to help you with any questions or help you find the perfect plant – we even offer a free potting service! 

modern bathroom with plantmodern bathroom with plant

A fresh coat of paint, new hardware, a fresh new floor, and some potted plants are all you need to give your bathroom a new look. With these budget-friendly bathroom updates, you are sure to impress your special guests.  

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