meet associate Elaine Foote Lomond

Corner Brook electrical associate Elaine Foote Lomond greatly enjoys opening her home and her heart to international students from many different countries. Even though she’s never left the island, she enjoys learning about other parts of the world through her guests as she provides them a safe place to live. She takes her motherly role to heart even at work, being referred to at her job at Kent Building Supplies as “Mudder to all associates.

Her parents and grandparents were all from the island, and Elaine feels strongly about her roots there. Her grandparents were among the first ten settlers in Midland/Pasadena and she still lives on the family’s original plot of land.

Elaine likes to keep things light and fun at work with her KENT family, saying, “You can’t let things bother you. Go have a dance if you need to have a dance.”