Backsplash Buying Guide

Enhance the design of your kitchen by installing a visually appealing backsplash. It will not only be the focal point of your kitchen, but it will also protect walls from splashing water and food. Possibilities range from the traditional ceramic tile to modern recycled glass tile. Let us help you make a large impact with this simple addition to your kitchen.

Things to Consider

  1. What is popular today may not be in style tomorrow. Oftentimes, choosing a timeless design is best. This way in a few years your backsplash will not feel outdated.

  2. Do not forget to consider the cleanability and maintenance required in preserving your backsplash. Depending on your backsplash type, the frequency of cleaning and maintenance varies. Since backsplashes are often a focal point of kitchens, you will want it to look its best.

  3. Do not forget backsplashes can be enhanced with under cabinet lighting. This is especially true with glass since the light is picked up and reflected throughout the room.


  1. Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Ceramic and porcelain tiles are very similar when it comes to tile features and care, but the main difference lies in their construction. Ceramic is made from clay while porcelain is made from pressed porcelain dust which makes it harder, more dense, and durable.

    These tiles have remained a popular choice as kitchen backsplashes for a variety of reasons. Firstly, compared to other methods they are relatively inexpensive, somewhat easy to install, and if you buy glazed or nonporous tiles they can be cleaned without difficulty. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are available in a variety of colours, and they can be plain, patterned, or themed. Many people choose tiles that match their floor tile, albeit in a smaller size. And remember, the grout must be sealed to prevent staining.

  2. Glass Tile Lately, glass tiles have increased in popularity because of their stunning look and many benefits. Glass tiles are easy to clean, scratch resistant, and available in a smooth or textured format. It's not uncommon for glass tiles to be made from recycled material and sold fused together on a 12” x 12” mesh sheet for simple installation. Keep in mind that glass tiles can be more expensive than other materials making them not suitable for all budgets.

  3. Metal Laminate Tiles Metal laminate tiles are trendy in today's kitchen. These plastic tiles mimic the look of real metal and complement kitchen décors while providing a minimalist look. There are many finishes and design choices available for those updating their kitchens. Possible finishes include copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and more. Although these tiles are easy to clean, be sure to clean them using non-abrasive products to prevent scratching. Additionally, it's important to install these tiles in places that do not get hotter than 140°F (60°C) because deformation is a possibility.

  4. Wallpaper Fortunately, wallpaper is available in various colours and prints to suit different tastes. Some wallpaper even resembles tiles or metal, so these looks can be achieved for a fraction of the cost. For fast installation, be sure to choose pre-pasted wallpaper. While food stains can often be removed from washable wallpaper with a clean, damp sponge, oil stains may not come out.

  5. Smart Tiles Great for saving time and money, Smart Tiles are innovative, self-adhesive wall tiles that are easily installed by DIYers. These wall tiles are the perfect choice for any clean, smooth surface. Simply measure, cut, and remove the protective paper from the adhesive to stick the tile into place. With their trendy designs, your kitchen and bathroom backsplashes are sure to stand out.

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