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6" x 5-3/4" Black Stove Damper Kit

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Stove damper kit helps in altering the amount of air drawn through the venting system by controlling combustion. This damper has double-wall construction that assures superior stove performance. This damper helps your wood stove to perform with an enhanced draft, which provides less chance of moisture or soot build up within the vent. It has a black enamel coating that is scratch-resistant and provides a long lasting and brighter finish. This damper has a stainless steel inner liner and an aluminized steel outer casing, which provide rich and distinguished look. The damper remains closed and reduces combustion when handle is in horizontal position and when handle is in vertical position the damper remains wide open, resulting in no reduction of combustion.
  • Allows the operator to alter the amount of air drawn through the venting system while controlling the stove's combustion
  • Must be installed directly on the stove's flue outlet where applicable
  • When handle is in horizontal position, the damper is closed (reducing combustion)
  • The closed position is still 20% open, so the venting system is not completely blocked
  • When handle is in vertical position, the damper is wide open (no reduction of combustion)
  • Factory installed cast iron damper
  • Assists in controlling chimney draft
  • Minimum clearance of 6 in for combustible materials
  • Superior stove performance double walled construction with a 1/4 in air space between inner and outer pipes provides a superior insulating value than single wall pipe
  • Standards: ULC S641/UL 103 Listed & Labelled
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You're reviewing 6" x 5-3/4" Black Stove Damper Kit
Manufacturer's Warranty Lifetime
Country of Origin Canada
Material Cast Iron
Temperature Rating (C) 649
Size (in) 6 x 5-3/4
Type Stove Damper Kit
Adjustable Cutting Height No