Lawn Mineralizer For Organic Use, Fast Release- 20Kg

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The natural mineralizer Huplaso is a volcanic rock dust of the ultramafic basalt type. It comes from a unique volcanic deposit and is used for organic farming and landscaping. Huplaso Lawn mineralizer helps maintain your lawn by making it greener and denser. It also keeps away insect pests that can affect the quality of your lawn, reduces weeds and makes your lawn more resilient in time of drought. Its composition increases the amount of minerals and the paramagnetism in your soil and acts as a PH neutralizer, improving the appearance of your lawn. We suggest storing it in a dry place for better conservation.
  • Makes the lawn denser and greener
  • Reduces the infestation of insect pests
  • Reduces weeds
  • More resistance in time of drought
  • Sustainable solution
Type of Plant Lawns
Country of Origin Canada
Formation Granules
Adjustable Cutting Height Yes
UPC-A 628110668042

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