Vortex 9 x 9 Flat Grey Pit

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The quickest, easiest catch basin to install. The Vortex basin’s low-profile design fits with standard pavers stones and blends in perfectly in small or large spaces. The unit produces a vortex action that moves water even faster than any basin to effectively prevent pooling water and mosquito breeding grounds. A built-in debris collector and anti-tamper feature is incorporated into the design. The base unit is made of ADS plastic and includes a 4 in. bottom outlet that glues to 4 in. PVC pipe (ABS to PVC transition glue required) for a secure and watertight connection.
  • Collects excess surface water quickly
  • Flat grey grate design is perfect for pedestrian areas
  • Vortex action prevents standing water - no breeding area for mosquitoes
  • 4 in. bottom outlet allows easy connection
  • Glues to 4 in. sewer pipe
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Manufacturer's Warranty 30 Days
Country of Origin China
UPC-A 880674002506