Vileda Plunger

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The understated look of the Vileda plunger conceals its striking effectiveness at releasing toilet bowl blockage. Its double seal design makes a tight, superior seal against the bottom of the bowl, to help unclog pipes and have them run more efficiently. Also fitted with a long easy-grip, ergonomic, white handle for more force, and a flexible blue rubber suction cup, it will subtly blend in with most bathroom decor. The Vileda plunger can also be used for other home emergencies including sinks, bathtubs and floor drainage needs.
  • Effectively releases toilet blockage
  • Odourless, durable and flexible rubber
  • Understated, white, ergonomic handle
  • Use for toilets, sinks and floor drains
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Country of Origin China
Handle Material Plastic
Head Material Rubber
Type Toilet Plunger
UPC-A 683010607102

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