Vileda Oskar Outdoor Broom

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The Oskar outdoor broom features the toughness of a push broom in the compact size of an angle broom featuring short durable bristles strong enough to sweep away heavy duty and wet debris. The uniquely designed angle allows for you to sweep hard-to-reach areas and tight corners and its wide angle allows for you to sweep larger spaces. Made with 100% recycled, eco-friendly bristles. Bristles snap back into place and resist bending for long-term sustainable cleaning.
  • Sweeps just as easily in corners and in hard to reach places as the regular Oskar broom
  • Designed with stronger fibres for tough outdoor sweeping jobs
  • Sweep up mulch, leaves, gravel, rocks and other outdoor dirt and debris
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Country of Origin United States
Type Broom
UPC-A 683010609588

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