Steel Orange/Baked Powder Coating 50 Degree Roof Bracket

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50 Deg roof bracket with all necessary safety, allows free movement around the roof during repair/installation. It features steel construction with baked powder coating for added durability. It securely installs by attaching to the rafters. It easily installs/uninstalls without damaging shingles. It securely installs with three common 4 in nails in the underlying rafter.
  • A bracket has to be placed for every 6 ft
  • Maximum of a person by a 6 feet length
  • Each bracket has to be secured with at least 3 common 4 in nails in the underlying rafter
  • Planks have to exceed the bracket by a minimum of 6 in and a maximum of 9 in at each ends and have also to be secured to the bracket with a 3 in common nail minimum
  • Installs by attaching the brackets to the rafters and placing a plank on them
  • Baked powder coating finish provides excellent resistance to rust
  • Roof bracket is perfect for those who need to install or repair a sloped roof
  • Can be easily installed and removed without damaging shingles
  • Perfect for those who need to install or repair a sloped roof, this bracket provides all the safety required to move freely and confidently around the roof
Manufacturer's Warranty 5 Years Limited
Colour/Finish Orange

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