Speedhide Interior Paint Flat White Tintable Base 18.9L

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Liquid white & pastel interior wall acrylic latex delivers long lasting flat finished coverage over the surfaces. This latex with 17 g/L VOC, takes 4 hours for recoating and 30 days for full curing. It has 1.37 specification gravity. Latex offers surface coverage up to 400 - 500 Sq. ft. Touch-up the house beautifully and flawlessly using this high-hiding latex. It helps in shielding tape joints and surface imperfections. This latex is suitable to use on properly prepared wallboard, wood, metal, cured plaster and masonry surfaces. Latex with flash point of 200 deg F is very safe to use.
Keywords Paint,Latex Paint,Water Based Latex Paint,Oil Based Latex Paint,Acrylic Paint
Country of Origin United States
Finish Flat
Colour White/Pastel Base
Indoor/Outdoor Use Indoor
Sub Brand Speedhide®
Container Size 18.9 L