SpaceSaver 108L 1500 Watt 6 & 1 Year Electric Water Heater

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Space Saver electric water heaters are easy to install, and are designed with value in mind. These water heaters can be located almost anywhere in your home. The water heater tank is glass-lined for superior protection against the corrosive effects of hot water, and a replaceable anode rod provides additional tank protection. This 30 USG/108 L 1500 W 120 V electric water heater features: factory-installed plastic lined heat trap nipples; a patented Styropour base for added energy efficiency; and a conveniently located temperature and pressure relief valve.
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Manufacturer's Warranty 6 Years
Tank Capacity (gal) 30
Assembled Width (in) 22
Assembled Height (in) 30
Assembled Depth (in) 22
Assembled Weight (lb) 101
Voltage (V) 120
Wattage 1500 Watt