Solvable Boiled Linseed Oil-3.78L

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Solvable professional grade boiled linseed oil is excellent for protecting concrete walks and floors, flagstone or interlocking stone from the elements and from salt and chemical damage. It also protects log cabins and wood panelling. You can use it as an oil finish for most wood types because it creates a coating that is impervious to water, heat, most stains, and scratches. Staining with this product achieves a warm golden tone to pine and maple. Porous woods and walnut will darken considerably when treated.
  • Refinishes furniture & woodwork
  • Protects against freeze/thaw/moisture cycles on porous surfaces
  • Creates an oil finish or stain for most wood types
Keywords Solvable Boiled Linseed Oil,Linseed Oil
Country of Origin Canada
Container Size 3.78 L