Seal Grip 4 L White Satin Synthetic Stain-Killing Primer

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Liquid synthetic stain-killing primer in white colour, delivers long lasting satin finished coverage over the surfaces. This primer with 334 g/L VOC, takes 1 hours to topcoat. It has 1.58 specification gravity. Primer in a 4 L container, offers surface coverage up to 400 Sq. ft. It prevents most stains like water, smoke, ink, markers, and tannins bleeding into the surface. This primer comes with very little odour. Primer with flash point of 102 deg F is very safe to use.
  • Best interior stain killing primer
  • Ideal for exterior masonry surfaces
  • Quick dry
  • Lower odor than traditional styrene acrylic primers
Keywords Primer,Exterior Primer,Interior Primer,Spray Primer
Country of Origin United States
Finish Satin
Colour White
Indoor/Outdoor Use Indoor/Outdoor
Sub Brand Sealgrip®
Container Size 4 L