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Rope Nylon Diamond Braided White 1/8 x 48'

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The most resistent general purpose rope, the nylon rope is your go-to choice to pull heavy loads. It is durable and is abrasion and UV resistant. Nylon is the most elastic material used in rope making, a feature which could could come in handy, especially in nautical environments. This 48' long rope can easily be used on pullies or to moor a boat.
  • Shelter, boat and patio use
  • Working load limit 70 LBS / 32 KG
  • Oil, gas and mildew resistant
  • Strong and light weight
  • Superior abrasion
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You're reviewing Rope Nylon Diamond Braided White 1/8 x 48'
Country of Origin China
Colour Upbeat
UPC-A 621988603504

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