Red Zone Pro 3' x 75' Through-Wall Membrane

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Through-wall membrane features a composition of SBS modified bitumen and a tri-laminated woven polyethylene facer. With the use of sprayed polyurethane foam insulation, the membrane is applicable in masonry flashing, transition membrane and waterproofing membrane around openings. Before installation, use of RESISTO H20 PRIMER or RESISTO EXTERIOR PRIMER should be clean, sound, free of excess water and loose materials, grease and any contaminants. Membrane meets ASTM standards.
  • Excellent adhesion to various substrates
  • Ideal for sprayed polyurethane foam insulation
  • Self-adhesive offers easy, fast and economical way of installation
  • Self-sealing membrane ensures continuous water-proofing
  • Requires RESISTO H20 PRIMER or RESISTO EXTERIOR PRIMER before the installation of REDZONE PRO membrane
  • Redzone Pro membrane must be adhered to support by peeling off the silicone release paper
  • All membrane overlaps must be a minimum of 50 mm (2 in)
  • Once installed, a pressure must be applied over the whole surface using a hard roller to ensure a perfect adhesion
  • Standards: ASTM
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Material Polyéthylène/silicone
Colour Red