Epoxyshield 25' x 6" Black Roof Patch Fabric Mesh

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Roof patch fabric in black colour, has continuous fibreglass woven threads construction. It measures 25 ft x 6 in. It strengthens roof repairs in areas such as flashings, gutters, valleys, vents and cracks. It provides great mesh openings, allowing for improved penetration.
  • Fiberglass woven fabric used to reinforce and strengthen roof repairs in areas such as flashings| gutters| valleys| vents and cracks
  • Spread instant patch roof repair over the problem area| then embed the fabric mesh in the roof patch and top coat with roof repair to complete the job
  • 20 x 10 Thread count provides greater mesh openings| allowing improved penetration
  • Lighter weight and higher tensile strength than cotton
  • Will not rot| mould or mildew
Material Fibreglass Fabric
Colour Black