Contact Indoor/Outdoor Digital Wireless Thermometer

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Indoor/outdoor digital wireless thermometer comes with a minimum/maximum temperature memory, which helps you track important temperature changes that could affect your plants. It displays temperature in both deg C and deg F. It supports wireless transmission of up to 30 m/100 ft. Digital monitor shows clear and accurate readings. It simultaneously indicates both the indoor and the outdoor readings.
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature
  • Min/max memory
  • Deg C and deg F switchable
  • Wireless transmission range of 30 m per 100 ft
  • Standing display
  • This wireless thermometer provides accurate temperature readings of rooms or outdoor areas with a remote sensor
  • Digital monitor provides clear and accurate readings
  • Wireless technology works without cables for easy setup and use
  • The Bios 261BC thermometer allows to switch quickly between units of measurement, which allows to view temperature data using either the Celsius or the Fahrenheit scale
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