Chemical Chlorine Taste Odour Cartridge

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Filter cartridge features high-quality activated carbon construction. It has carbon block structure for optimal filtration. This cartridge effectively removes chlorine, taste and odour. It measures 9.75 in x 2.65 in OD x 1 in ID. It works with undersink water filter systems in domestic and commercial applications.
  • Made of high quality activated carbon with proprietary media
  • Block construction maximises performance
  • Highly effective (> 99%) in reduction of VOC and chlorine| taste/odour up to 600 US Gal (2|271 L)
  • 1 micro Nominal particulate reduction
  • Fits most standard 10 ft filter housings
  • Single open end
  • Standards: NSF/ANSI 53& 42| CSA
  • Reduces chemical and chlorine
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