Bacteria Water Test Kit

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Water test kit is the simple and reliable kit to perform accurate water check for quality. This test kit helps in detecting coliform and E. coli bacteria in water. It is highly sensitive enough to detect 1 CFU/100 mL of water. The test kit is easy to use just by adding water to the test pouch, which contains special reagent. Stores this water contained in the pouch for about 24 hr, if the colour of this water changes to blue or green, indicates the presence of coliform or else it is absent.
  • Simple and easy to use and interpret without any equipment
  • Highly sensitive and detects even the smallest amount of coliform
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Includes plastic bag with a special growth medium while sample water is simply added to the bag and mixed with the growth medium to form a straw yellow solution
  • Test water for coliform, E-coil
  • The growth medium has been specifically designed for the preferential growth of coliform when incubated at a temperature of 35 - 37 deg C for 24 hours
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