Amaryllis bulbs are easy to grow and add welcome colour and greenery to holiday decor as well as brighten up the long winter months. The sizeable bulbs produce one to two foot tall stems that are topped with large clusters of flowers. Common bloom colours include red, white, pink, salmon, burgundy and lime green, as well as many colour combinations. Many bulbs produce two or three flower stalks over several months.


You can buy amaryllis bulb kits or purchase the bulbs individually. Once planted, the bulbs take around six to eight weeks to flower. Paperwhites are another type of indoor bulb planted around the holidays. They’re quick to grow, usually flowering in just three to four weeks, and produce fragrant white flower clusters.

Four steps to planting amaryllis bulbs:


Step 1 - Gather your supplies.

You’ll need an amaryllis bulb, a container, and potting mix. A clay pot is preferable to a plastic container as clay is heavier and anchors the top-heavy amaryllis flowers. The container should be just an inch or two wider than the bulb. A six to eight inch diameter clay pot is ideal.


Step 2 - Plant the bulb.

Fill the pot about two thirds full of potting mix. Place the bulb on top and add more soil around the edge of the bulb, gently firming it down. Amaryllis bulbs aren’t completely buried in the soil. Instead, once planted, the top third of the bulb should remain above the soil line.


Step 3 - Water.

It’s important to keep the soil damp but not wet. When watering, avoid wetting the bulb. Water only the soil.


Step 4 - Place the potted amaryllis bulb in a spot with bright indirect light.

If the bulb is sited near a window, you may notice the stem leans towards the light. Just turn it every few days to help it grow straight. Once the flowers begin to open, you can move the amaryllis to a spot where the gorgeous blooms will be appreciated.