All-Purpose Mineralizer For Organic Use, Fast Release- 2.1Kg

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Huplaso is a product composed entirely of ultramafic basalt-type volcanic rock dust. This rock is the result of a unique volcanic deposit, which makes the product unrivaled. It is generally used for landscaping and organic farming. The all-purpose Huplaso mineralizer nourishes the soil with more than 57 different minerals, providing many benefits to any type of plantation. It is the solution for tastier, more nutritious and colourful fruits and vegetables. It helps make your plants stronger and more resilient in times of drought, wind, and frost and protects them from insect pests. Its composition also increases the paramagnetism of your soil and acts as a PH neutralizer. We suggest storing this product in a dry place for better preservation.
  • Improves plant yield and increases harvest
  • More resistance to drought, wind and frost
  • Keeps insect pests away.
  • Provides great nutritional value to fruits and vegetables which makes them tastier, bigger and more colorful.
  • Sustainable solution
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Type of Plant All Purpose
Country of Origin Canada
Formation Powder
UPC-A 628110668011