7-In-1 Full Size Multi-Bit Screwdriver

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Multi-bit 7-in-1 full size screwdriver features solid plastic handle for maximum comfort and torque. It includes #1, #2 as well as #3 Robertson bits, #1 as well as #2 Phillips bits and 3/16 in as well as 1/4 in slotted bits. This screwdriver has an instant bit change as well as storage system for a variety of fastening jobs.
  • The original Picquic is suitable for professional or at home use
  • Solid handle for maximum comfort and torque
  • Anodized aluminum alloy shank for years of use
  • Bits are ideal for use in drills and powerdrivers
  • 1/4 in Hex plated power bits, 3 in long
Country of Origin Canada
Shank Size (in) 3 inch

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