4.5" High Flow Sediment Cartridge 25 micron

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BC Series string wound filter cartridge features premium grade polypropylene construction. It offers large surface area and bed depth for optimal filtration. This high-flow cartridge effectively removes dirt, rust, sand, silt and other particulate matter from water. It measures 10 in x 4-5/8 in OD x 1 in ID. The cartridge resists media migration under high differential pressures.
  • Made up of premium grade polypropylene
  • Highly effective in reduction of particles at rated micron size
  • Fits Rainfresh| Big Bluev and other high-flow filter housings
  • Large surface area and over 1 in bed depth
  • Resistant to media migration even under high differential pressure
  • Efficient sediment removal over long life
  • Higher flow rates
  • Low differential pressure
  • Standards: NSF/ANSI 61| CSA B483.1
  • Reduces sediment| dirt| rust| sand| mud| silt and other particulate matter
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