1.6 kg Pro-Mix MycoActive Garden Fertilizer For Veg&Fruit

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Garden fertilizer in a 1.6 kg container, has 9% nitrogen, 16% phosphoric acid, 16% soluble potash, 1.70% calcium, 0.10% iron, 0.05% manganese, 0.05% zinc, 0.05% copper, 0.02% boron and 29% organic matter composition. It supports MYCOACTIVE technology to stimulate rapid growth and larger root system for increased nutrients and water uptake.
  • Mycoactive technology stimulate vigorous growth for greater stress resistance| larger root systems for increased nutrient| water uptake| bigger| healthier plants
  • Organic based formula
  • Increases production and improves the quality of tomatoes| vegetables and fruits
  • 2X More vegetables and fruits
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