1.36 kg Miracle-Gro Natures Care Organic Bone Meal

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Organic bone meal encourages vigorous roots and blooms whiling creating a strong frame starting from the roots. The slow-release phosphorous as well as calcium provide soil nutrients to support healthy root growth as well as strong cell walls.
  • Builds a strong frame starting from the roots
  • Just a little shot of phosphorus works wonders in the garden for beautifully green leaves and vibrant blooms
  • Gives your bulbs| flowers and roses the extra pick-me-up that helps them stay beautiful and strong throughout the season
  • Promotes vigorous roots and blooms
  • Get the lush| productive garden you've always dreamed of with Miracle-Gro Nature's care organic bone meal
  • A great source of slow-release phosphorus and calcium
  • High source of phosphorous promotes vigorous root development
  • We add Water Conserve™ to prevent over and under watering
  • Nature's Care™ really good compost improves the nutrient and water holding capacity of soil by using locally sourced organic matter
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