1.36 kg Miracle-Gro Natures Care Organic Blood Meal

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Organic blood meal adds life and vitality to your flowers and veggies for abundant harvests. It is a source of organic nitrogen supplement and boosts growth while brightening up your garden. slow-release nitrogen, this premium garden helper produces greener leaves, beautiful blooms and vibrant-coloured vegetables.
  • A luscious way to feed your plants for bodacious blooms and vibrant colour
  • Brings life and vitality to your flowers and veggies, for abundant harvests that are full of colour
  • Start using in the spring, applying every 2 months throughout the growing season
  • Boost growth and brighten up your garden with Miracle-Gro Nature's care organic blood meal
  • Feeds plants organically
  • Produces beautiful blooms and bountiful harvests
  • High source of nitrogen produces beautiful blooms and bountiful harvests
  • We add Water Conserve™ to prevent over and under watering
  • Nature's Care™ really good compost improves the nutrient and water holding capacity of soil by using locally sourced organic matter
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