17 L Sheetrock Machine Mud Drywall Compound

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Ready-mix drywall compound features smooth, creamy consistency to offer excellent slip, bond strength and easy workability. This pre-mixed compound is ideal for tapping and filling joints.
  • Less air entrainment- less craters equals fewer passes to achieve a smooth finish
  • Excellent bond for taping
  • Lightweight for easier sanding and less shrinkage
  • Smooth and easy application
  • Buttery consistency for less dropping and less clean-up
  • Standards: ASTM C475
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You're reviewing 17 L Sheetrock Machine Mud Drywall Compound
Manufacturer's Warranty Up to 9 Months from Date of Manufacture Under Proper Storage Conditions
Collection Sheetrock®, Machine Mud®
Type Drywall Compound
Adjustable Cutting Height No