Umbra Woodrow Storage Stool

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Woodrow is a contemporary and sleek take on the typical ottoman with its beautiful, natural wood finish and geometric shape. Its lid functions as both a tabletop or a seat, and its integrated handles make it easy to move around the house. This piece measures 16.5 x 15.8 inches (42 x 40 cm), so it can neatly store bulkier household items like blankets.
  • Woodrow's base can store large household items, while its lid allows it to function as a side table and extra seating
  • This stool is made of treated natural wood, bent into a beautifully curved, cylindrical shape
  • Add extra seating or storage to any room in your home thanks to Woodrow's built-in handles which make it easy to carry and move to where you need it most
  • This stool's natural wood finish adds a subtle and neutral warmth to its modern design
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Country of Origin China
Adjustable Cutting Height Yes