Phosphor 40 Watt T12 Fluorescent Bulb

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Gro-Lux® 40 Watts T12 Wide spectrum fluorescent bulb with F40GROAQWSRP designation, has voltage rating of 101 Volts. Wide spectrum bulb in phosphor color, has color rendering index of 89 to ensure good color definition. Bulb with 3400K color temperature radiates 1200 Lumens of light output to the surrounding. This 4 ft bulb comes with average life of 20000 hours, making it ideal for application requiring maximum lamp life.
  • For plant growth, aquarium and meat case application
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You're reviewing Phosphor 40 Watt T12 Fluorescent Bulb
Assembled Height (in) 48
Voltage Rating 101 Volt
Pack Size 1
Target Use/Application Plant Growth, Aquarium and Meat Case Application
Rated Life (hours) 20,000
Light Colour (Kelvin) 3,400 K
CRI 89
Dimmable No
Illumination Type Fluorescent
Brightness in Lumens 1,200
Actual Wattage (W) 40
Indoor/Outdoor Use Indoor/Outdoor
Energy Saving No
Bulb Shape Code T12
Adjustable Cutting Height No