Miracle-gro Water Soluble Evergreen And Acid-loving 500 g

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Miracle-Gro® water soluble evergreen and acid-loving plant food is perfect for keeping a wide variety of acid loving plants and trees healthy and vibrant. Perfect for indoor and outdoor plants alike, this food dissolves into water to feed plants while you water them, feeds instantly, and acidifies and ironizes soil to help plants thrive. For best results, apply every 2 weeks with a watering can or using the Miracle-Gro® garden feeder. An N-P-K balance of 28-10-10 is ideal for a wide variety of acid-loving plants from evergreens to hydrangeas, nurturing their development and ensuring lush foliage and blooms. A stackable, sturdy, waterproof box makes this plant food easy to store. Also, the EZ reseal lid won’t pool water, and 500 grams can enrich up to 41 m2 of soil.
  • Miracle-Gro® water soluble evergreen & acid-loving plant food is designed to support the growth and health of evergreens and acid loving plants and trees
  • Won't harm other plants or burn foliage, and feeds instantly while you water your plants
  • Features an N-P-K of 28-10-10 that's perfect for evergreens and all acid loving plants and trees
  • 500 grams can enrich up to 41 m2 of soil
  • Contains acidifying agents and iron, to ensure perfect growing conditions for choosy plants
  • Sturdy and stackable box is air and watertight, and features an EZ reseal lid that won't pool water
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Is Plant Specific Yes
Type of Plant Shrub/Tree
Country of Origin United States
Formation Particulate Solid
Adjustable Cutting Height No