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The SKGLK keyed deadbolt for storm and screen doors complements the appearance of GL Series lever handles while adding additional security to your home. A keyed deadbolt allows you keep your main door open and enjoy the light that comes in through a storm door while still feeling secure. The SKGLK is not a high security lock, but a secondary level of security. The key allows you to lock your storm door as you leave the home. Installation is easy and should take about 20 minutes. Only three small 5/16" holes are required to be drilled through the door for the screws and spindle. Only a tape measure, drill and screw driver are required. A center punch to mark the holes is handy, but not required. The set includes screws for doors 1” to 2-1/8” thick. The spindle can be cut to the length required. The SKLGK is designed for out-swinging storm doors. You may be able to use it on an in-swinging storm door, but we can't provide instructions for doing so and you may need to get creative.
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Country of Origin Taiwan
Material Zinc
Style Single Door
Adjustable Cutting Height No