For this project you will need:

Bucket Utility Knife
Plumber's Putty or Silicone Adjustable Wrench
Basin Wrench Pliers
Cable Cutters (if required) Pipe Cutter
Miter Saw and/or Hand Saw Appropriate Safety Equipment


Step 1

Turn off main water supply and open both hot and cold water supply to let extra water drain out. Once water drains, cut your water supply tube to length so that it won’t affect vanity drawers closing.


Step 2

Attach escutcheon to each water supply tube and valves. Cut drain pipe to desired length and attach PO lavatory drain pipe. (Use plumbers putty or silicone to seal connection).


Step 3

Place faucet into sink hole and tighten from underneath and connect the water supply lines to the valves underneath the sink (hot is always on the left).


Step 4

Trap adapter and P-trap attach to PO Lavatory drain pipe and the drain in the wall.


Step 5

Turn water supply back on and test faucet to make sure it functions properly.