How to Create a Wreath Sign


1 package of BAM Pine Barn Wood Panels 48” x 6 x 5/8” (1025020)
1- 1 x 2 x 8 strapping 128SRC / 1016328
1- Brass Plated Single Clothes Hook-2/Pack - In-Store Sku 5624065 / Online Sku 1061238
2- short door wreath hangers
1-1/4” wood screws
Tape measure
Drill (bit larger than jig saw blade)
Jig Saw
Driver with Robertson head
Chop saw or hand saw
Wood glue

Step-by-step instructions

Using a chop saw (or hand saw), cut 3 strips of the BAM pine panels in half (each measuring 28-5/8” long). You should now have 6 smaller panels.

Additionally, cut the piece of strapping into 2- 30” long pieces.

Measure 3” from the outside edge and down 1” from the top. Measure your wreath hangers to determine how wide the holes should be and draw a rectangle for the cut lines.

Drill a hole as large as your jig saw blade inside each of the rectangles. Then using the jig saw cut around the rectangle.

Lay the panels wrong side up. Run a bead of wood glue in the female channel of a panel. Interlock the pieces by firmly pressing the male and female sides together. Repeat until all 6 panels are together with the edges lining up.

Apply wood glue to each 30” strip of strapping and lay perpendicular to the lines of the panel pieces on the wrong side of the sign.

Assemble the sign by putting wood screws through the strapping into the sign to secure the front.

Center a metal clothes hook on the second board from the top and screw in place.

If you wish add decorative box brass corners and a stencilled sentiment to the sign.


Hang on your door and decorate with a festive wreath!