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Firewood Stack - End Retainer

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The product has a rectangular-shaped metal frame, large enough to encircle two rail pieces of 2 X 4, spaced-apart and laid parallel on their flat sides on the ground. The space left inside the rectangular metal frame between the two rail pieces is sufficiently large to receive two 2 x 4 posts side by side. Both the posts and the rails are cantilevered into the rectangular metal frame in opposite directions as to form a strong right angle structure. Firewood blocks are stacked on the rails and against the posts, up to the height of the posts. The pair of rails and the pair of posts are cantilevered into the rectangular metal frame to firmly hold the end of a firewood stack. In use, the rectangular metal frame is mounted first to the rails without nail or screw. When stress is applied to the posts, the rectangular metal frame tightens against the rails and the posts to retain the right angle alignment of the posts to the rails.
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Country of Origin Canada
Adjustable Cutting Height No