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Fantastik 650 mL Light Yellow Bleach All-Purpose Cleaner

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All-purpose cleaner is ideal for cleaning kitchen and bathroom surfaces. It kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and germs. This cleaner easily removes dirt, soap scum and dissolves mould/mildew stains on bathroom surfaces. This cleaner with bleach fragrance, has pH range of 12.8 - 13.2.
  • Disinfect and clean your home! Fantastik cuts through grease, soap scum and grime wherever you need it while killing viruses, bacteria, fungi, and germs
  • Fantastik® Bleach is formulated to effectively clean and disinfect around your home
  • Use Fantastik® bleach in the kitchen, where it removes greasy soil in addition to removing tough food stains
  • Use Fantastik® bleach in the bathroom, where it easily removes dirt and soap scum and dissolves mould and mildew stains on bathroom surfaces
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You're reviewing Fantastik 650 mL Light Yellow Bleach All-Purpose Cleaner
Target Use/Application Kitchen Surfaces Such As Counters, Plastic Cutting Boards, Stove Tops, Sinks And Appliances; Bathroom Surfaces Such As Shower Doors, Tubs, Grout, Tile, Sinks, Stainless Steel, Chrome, Vinyl Shower Curtains, Garbage Cans And Diaper Pails
Formation Liquid
Dispenser Type Spray
Abrasive Non Abrasive
Adjustable Cutting Height Yes