Water Softener 30K Grain

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Rainfresh 30,000 grain water softener cabinet style makes water soft by removing hardness using a process called Ion Exchange. Hardness-causing calcium and magnesium ions are replaced by an equivalent number of sodium ions. Sodium ions do not form scale, thus making the water soft, while maintaining it’s chemical balance. By installing a whole house Rainfresh cabinet water softener, your laundry come out cleaner and softer, you get spotless glasses and dishes from your dishwasher, enjoy softer bouncier hair and smoother skin after showers and prevent scale build up in your bathroom and water heater. With Rainfresh water softeners you will enjoy soft water for years to come!
  • Makes water soft preventing white scaly deposits on plumbing fixtures, showerheads, faucets etc.
  • Clothes washed in soft water come out softer and prevent damage to fibres while saving on detergent use
  • On demand regeneration (meter initiated), uses less salt and water
  • ¾” NPT elbow fittings, can be easily rotated to suit any installation angle, bypass valve and 15 ft. of drain tube included
  • Bilingual programmable electronic backlit display
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Manufacturer's Warranty 10 Year Limited
Country of Origin China
Colour Upbeat
Type Water Softener
UPC-A 771161033014