Ultracontact 22.7 kg Full-Contact Tile Mortar With Polymer

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Tile mortar in gray colour, is suitable to use in thin-set and medium-bed applications with all types of tile sizes. It is ideal for tile size ranging from 6 in x 6 in up to 24 in x 24 in. This premium, polymer-modified mortar has superior wet-out characteristics that achieve outstanding transfer to the back of the trowel and eliminate the need for back-buttering. This high-performance, full-contact mortar provides grouting in 16 - 24 hours. It supports installation of ceramic and porcelain tile, quarry tile, pavers, saltillo tile as well as most types of marble, granite and natural stone. Tile mortar meets ANSI standards.
  • Just mix with water
  • No back buttering required
  • Designed for tiles 6 in x 6 in up to 24 in by 24 in
  • Grout in 16 - 24 hours
  • Standards: ISO 13007 C2EP1
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Manufacturer's Warranty 15 Years Residential