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UltraCare ™ Heavy-Duty Stone, Tile & Grout Cleaner is a highly concentrated and highalkaline cleaner and degreaser. This product is formulated to quickly remove most waxes, grease, oil, light soap scum, and stains from mildew and algae. It is quite effective at removing most factory-applied waxes and floor finishes, and is ideal for areas that have been neglected or subject to heavy use.
  • Removes most wax, grease, soap scum, body oil, mildew stains and algae
  • Ideal for neglected areas or areas subjected to heavy use
  • Specially formulated to strip off synthetic and acrylic waxes and floor finishes
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Country of Origin United States
Colour/Finish Light Beige
UPC-A 093994013330

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