Exterior Paint DIY


Ahhh the great outdoors. Birds chirping, sun shining, and...shades of gray and brown? Stop right there! It’s time to refresh your backyard with a fresh paint job. Our exterior paints can refresh everything from your shed, to patio set, to siding! We can even help you paint your BBQ...don’t look at your weathered yard gear any longer. Visit the Kent Project Centre for all the exterior paint DIY info you need!




Choosing Exterior Paint

Ask our Project Centre experts exactly which paint will suit your project! SICO Exterior paints give durable, one coat colour and protect against our tough Canadian snow and sun. For smaller DIYs, try Krylon spray paint for everything from patio furniture to fire pits! High heat spray paint protects against rust and can withstand temperatures up to 600℉. As long as you don’t use it on cooking surfaces, you can enjoy your barbecues and fire pits in every shade of the rainbow!


Painting House Siding

If your siding or shingles need an update, choose a couple dry, sunny days to get the summer DIY done. Wood siding will need primer and an exterior house paint, best applied with a spray gun. Let’s go over the basics:

  • Gather up all your protective gear, paint, and clean up supplies.
  • Clean the surface you’re going to paint, pressure washing may be necessary! Repair any damaged areas and generally ensure your siding is paint ready.
  • Scrape or sand off as much existing paint off as possible. Take care in your prep work, it will pay off in the long run to make your paint last as long as possible.
  • Lay drop cloths over any window wells or shrubs that don’t need any extra splatter, and trim your windows and doors.
spray painting


brush painting
  • Prime time: apply an exterior primer to help lock down your paint.
  • Clean the surface you’re going to paint, pressure washing may be necessary! Repair any damaged areas and generally ensure your siding is paint ready
  • Paint away! Follow Project Centre and manufacturer advice for application with brushes, rollers, or paint sprayers. For extra protection, finish off with an exterior paint sealant.
  • Polish it all off with painting window trim, door trim, and shutters!


Now that your house has a whole new look, spruce up your backyard accessories with a fresh coat too. Shop our selection of spray paint for quick and easy colour!

  • Clean & prep your surface.
  • Lay drop cloths in your painting area, ensure it’s well ventilated or outdoors.
  • When painting metal or plastic, you’ll need to prime the non-porous material to make sure your paint will last. Let any primer dry completely before painting.
  • Paint any pieces separately (like table legs) to get every nook and cranny. Hold your can ~6-8” away from your surface and use sweeping motions to get an even coat without drips.
finished product


Summer weather is perfect for exterior painting, and we’re here to help paint even the trickiest items! Our Project Centre pros can set you up with all the supplies, paint, and instructions you need to transform the look of your home and yard gear. Visit us today!


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