White Quick-Hold Door Closer, Extra-Heavy Duty

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For the heaviest doors, choose Ideal Security’s pneumatic (air pressure) door closer with torsion bar. Designed for heavy, out-swinging aluminum, steel or wood storm doors over 1-1/2” thick. The flat torsion bar on the closer flexes under pressure, providing extra closing force and aiding in the latching of heavier doors. The door closing speed is adjustable with the air adjustment screw. The tube is aluminum, which will not rust. No more fumbling with stoppers to keep your storm door open. Simply push the door open slowly until you hear a click, and the door remains open at a 75 degree angle. To close the turn simply push the door further, then release. Easy to install, using the existing holes on your door. The closer can be installed at the top, middle or bottom of your door, depending on its construction. Brackets and screws for installation are included. To protect your door and door closer from damage, we recommend adding a storm chain (SK14)
Country of Origin Taiwan
Material Aluminium
Colour/Finish White