There is nothing better than watching the snow melt away from a long, cold winter and seeing vibrant, colourful bulbs emerge. It is a reassuring sign that spring has indeed arrived!


What are Fall Bulbs?

Fall bulbs are the bulbs that you plant in the fall and that bloom in the spring. They include Daffodils, Tulips, Crocus’, and Hyacinths.


How to plant:

  1. Choosing a site

    • Full to partial shade is usually required.

    • The best spots are towards the front of established beds so that they can be seen and smelled.

    • They also add colour along a walkway or as a foundation planting.

  2. Digging the hole

    • The rule of thumb is to bury a bulb at twice its height.

    • The easiest tool to dig with is a bulb planter, especially if you are planting several bulbs.

  3. Place the bulbs

    • Make sure you place the bulb upright in the hole. The top of the bulb is usually a point and the bottom will have a small dimple.

    • It is also good practice to add some bone meal to the hole before placing the bulb. This will give the bulb some extra energy and nutrients to grow big and strong, as well as to produce large flowers.

    • After the bulb is placed fill the hole with soil and pack down.

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